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This is my first game and thanks to your asset it looks beautiful for a first game still work in progress though. Really glad I found you. Thank you

Its perfect Iam using max 2d every thing in asset is perfect 

This is amazing! Check out the sample game I developed using Mossy Assets

yo this is beyond amazing like wow

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Very inspiring art and page design))

AWESOME!!! keep it up man!


these look ripped from hollow knight lol


I am a noob with unity so I just wanted to know how do I make tilemaps out of these assets. Great art! 

You're amazing!

It's sooo beautiful!

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Hola Maaot, muchas gracias por estos activos los use en  mi primer juego desarrollado ya esta en la play store te dejo el link por si quieres chequear y jugar:  

Dash bros Game by JDavid10 (   Tu arte me ha inspirado mucho y es uno de los mejores que he visto Gracias

Hi, I am create a co-op bundle to celebrate World Environment Day, I want invited you to join, all content related with nature and environment can be join, if you are interested you have join in the follow link:

I'm excited and I appreciate your interest and your participation, thank you very much and good luck!

Doesn't work for gamemaker studio 2 unfortanutley unless there is a diffrent resulution

I don't know if you figured it out yet, but you can use it in gms2. Just divide the size by 4 to get 64x64. You can go 128 also to give it better resolution 

Hey, I used your assets to prototype the game.



Muy bueno, un un de pez


amazing! thanks!

So gorgeous! This looks so good!

Thanks :)

We also used this for our Game Jam! Thank you so much for this, go check it out if you wish:

Hello, could I order this artistic style? I need an asset pack based on a bee hive... can I contact you via Gmail?


Would you be interested in doing commission work in this art style for a game I'm making ? If so could we discuss further in private through email maybe.

You can send me an email here :


Hi! Its amazing that these tiles and characters are so well-designed and animated!

Do you mind if your assets are used in adult-oriented games?

For instance, Future Fragments and Crisis Point


Hi, that's totally fine for me :)

Hi there! Just wanted to let you know I used your tile set in my jam game. Hope you enjoy!

Hope you would make a night urban city parallax platformer assets too…


Appreciate your suggestion, its uncertain what kind of assets pack I will do next, will keep your suggestion in mind!

Thanks sir, I will be eagerly waiting…

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It would be awesome to expand on this style, I have looked for similar styles to match your artwork and there is nobody with your style I love both of your platform packs. Great work i look forward to seeing more from you.

thanks, it's for my game :"


thx! always success :3

You are so talented! I made a jam game with this pack, it's called Escape from Io ( and credited you. I think it looks gorgeous, kudos!

Thank you! I will check it

did you make the background with grid tileset or edit an image before exporting to unity

Grid tileset, and post processing to blur it


thanks man 

i made game with your assets 

check it :

How can this be a name your own price? This should be around $15 tbh!

What a gorgeous tile set! This would be right at home in a Hollow Knight expansion! Thanks for the wonderful creation :)

Des anybody have a Rule Tile and can share it by chance. I am stuck creating it. :/

The tileset is based on this Ruletile:

Thank you! You're awesome! 


A dude is selling your assets 
Mossy Assets by Killer70179 (

Seems the account was deleted, good stuff!

Did you see this @Maaot? Looks like someone is taking your stuff and trying to sell it (>_<)

Thank you for sharing, that's so annoying :/

Thanks! i am creating a course to teach students game dev. i will surely credit you.

Good luck with that project! 

Thank you very much!
This is a game made for a little competition. Although it's not finished yet, but I'll be happy if you play it :D

Mossy (

Thank you very much, Maaot!

I don't use Unity, and I need a tool to splice the sprite sheet with different size sprites, for example file "Mossy - MossyHills.png". Can you give me some advice?

Hello Maaot :) !

You definitely make great 2D cavern content with atmosphere ! Do you plan to keep going / expand this asset serie ?

Have a good day !

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Hi bro I have download it but I am having a confusion that can I use it for my game which is having ads and also lunched to playstore after sometime I don't know that can I use it freely in all of my games and when they are lunched then i an confused that there will be copyright issues are not?

You are free to use these assets for commercial use yes.

what background are you using?

The background is made with the same assets you download on the pack.


Hey, how did you blurred the background tilesets? I am also using unity.

Did you rendered two different cameras and then applied post-processing? But then how did you applied post-processing to these two cameras separately?


I cannot help with that, you will need to do your research like everyone does, there is multiple tutorial videos on youtube and websites around.

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