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What a gorgeous tile set! This would be right at home in a Hollow Knight expansion! Thanks for the wonderful creation :)

Des anybody have a Rule Tile and can share it by chance. I am stuck creating it. :/

The tileset is based on this Ruletile:

Thank you! You're awesome! 


A dude is selling your assets 
Mossy Assets by Killer70179 (

Seems the account was deleted, good stuff!

Did you see this @Maaot? Looks like someone is taking your stuff and trying to sell it (>_<)

Thank you for sharing, that's so annoying :/

Thanks! i am creating a course to teach students game dev. i will surely credit you.

Good luck with that project! 

Thank you very much!
This is a game made for a little competition. Although it's not finished yet, but I'll be happy if you play it :D

Mossy (

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These assets are the best assets I found on the Whole Internet ! I am making my first complete game by them, but I am having some problems on making nice level designs can you share the levels unity files in screenshots so I can use it as a reference.

Thank you very much, Maaot!

I don't use Unity, and I need a tool to splice the sprite sheet with different size sprites, for example file "Mossy - MossyHills.png". Can you give me some advice?

Hello Maaot :) !

You definitely make great 2D cavern content with atmosphere ! Do you plan to keep going / expand this asset serie ?

Have a good day !

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Hi bro I have download it but I am having a confusion that can I use it for my game which is having ads and also lunched to playstore after sometime I don't know that can I use it freely in all of my games and when they are lunched then i an confused that there will be copyright issues are not?

You are free to use these assets for commercial use yes.

what background are you using?

The background is made with the same assets you download on the pack.


Hey, how did you blurred the background tilesets? I am also using unity.

Did you rendered two different cameras and then applied post-processing? But then how did you applied post-processing to these two cameras separately?


I cannot help with that, you will need to do your research like everyone does, there is multiple tutorial videos on youtube and websites around.

hi. I'm really want to buy this tileset but I'm kinda beginner and I don't know how to split these types of images into single tiles. Is someone have any advice?

Hi, this asset pack is free to download, you don't need to pay anything, personally, I just sliced it inside Unity, but each game engine has its own tools for slicing.
The tileset should be sliced by 512x512, and the rest just slice automatically.

This is an amazing Style, and am very impressed, please keep doing this!

Very nice style, very inspirational. Are you plan to make more assets in this style?

Hi ! Thank you! I do want, I actually have some ideas for new tilesets, probably some ancient ruins tileset ( I actually have prototype designed ) but was not that happy with it, so stopped the production. Still, I don't have much time left after work so it's being a slow process.

Thank you for the reply, it is good to hear you are still making new ones. I am thinking starting some kind of project with this lovely set of assets, it would be great if there are more so I could build some story with them. Take your time, good quality designs take times and efforts. Generally, how long does it take for you to build one set of assets? Does the designing takes more time than the making process? 

Its hard to tell, it just depends on how much free time I have, more or less a tileset like this takes 40 hours to complete aprox.

Thanks for sharing, hope to see more of your great works.

This is great! I'd use this for the upcoming gamejams!

Glad you like it!


For a commercial game, would it be ok to mix some assets of this tileset with assets from another tileset? Silly question maybe, but I'm new to this :)

Hey! Of course, you can mix the assets with others, use them as references, or even edit them.


Im trying to use these assets/graphics for my final project for school.

I downloaded all the files, spliced them up iin 512x512 but for some reason i'm having a lot of issues with gaps and random lines just appearing next to (e.g. the floating platform)

Anyone know how to fix this?
I've already tried turning off anti-alliasing in project settings, made a material that has pixel snap enabled and ive tried putting it in a sprite atlas.
None of these have worked for me, if you have any solutions to this please let me know.

Thanks in advance

Hi, placing them inside the sprite atlas usually fixed the problem, are you trying on a build/game window? The seams will appear on the editor window, but not on the build.


Hey Maaot.

Just wanted to say thank you for such an amazing resource pack. I was just wondering if you could provide the post processing effects for unity, as that was the engine you used to create them - just a simple project file would be great.


Hi, I do not have the Unity project anymore.

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Hey Maaot!

I really love this asset pack and I am currently using this for my game. 

Do you mind getting in touch with me. I got some personal thoughts/proposals I wanted to share with you.

Thanks in advance!



Hi! Glad you enjoy the assets, I dont really do personal requests at the moment.


Hi there! Just wanted to tell you what a beautiful art pack this is. I also was considering using it in a Udemy course at some point for a game maker studio 2 tutorial. I wanted to know if you had any plans to make this a paid asset in the future? I know you said free for commercial use and I would ask that any viewers download directly from here were I to use it. I just want to make sure I don't make a tutorial and then a month later it turns into a paid asset (which you would have every right to do by the way, just wanting to double check) :)

Here is my in-engine test I did for a sliding puzzle type game where we would teach tilesets, particles and state machines:

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Also, have you considered posting art tutorials online? I would be very interested to see how something like this could be made! 

Hi ! This asset will never be paid content, its meant to be free for ever, so dont worry about that, as long as you give me credit on your tutorial and a link to the asset profile I am fine with it.

That looks great by the way!

Hello, sorry to take your time I had a question. I tried to render the background with a second camera with post processing effects but I have some trouble. The effect is only visible if the priority is bigger than the priority on the first camera but then, the background is in front of everything. Thanks for your help and great work !

I found a way to do that. Thanks 

Glad you found how to make it work.


thank you so much

this is the best one i have ever seen thank u so much

Glad you enjoy it!

do you want me to tag you in my upcoming game?


oh please suscribe and check out the demo of my new game with your textures 

Hello, i was looking for tilesets and came across this GEM!!!

I understand you used Unity to make the backgrounds for the screen shots shown, do you think this can also be done in Godot?

Also as of right now im on a very strict budget, i would like to ask your permission to use these assets and i most definetly will later donate as much as i can.

are there any restrictions that you would like to place on allowing use for free?

also do you have character sprites? 

do you hv discord? i believe it would be great so that we can talk to you and perhaps you could give us ideas or suggestion on how better to make use of these assets. idk tho

Hi! You have permission to use the assets, with no restriction.
Regarding character, no, I don't have character sprites, but any non-pixel art character will probably work with this.
And regarding discord support, I cannot do that.

thanks man for the reply and the authority. I really appreciate it. Iam Currently finding it hard to find any free 2d Character Pack that's not pixelated. Do you have any suggestions on where i can find these? if not then its completely fine. thanks again for all your help. I will keep an eye out for more tile sets from you. So SO SO SOOOO well made

Yeah no idea about where to find character packs, I believe there is some stuff on the Unity store, you can also try to hire a student artist on Fiverr or a similar platform.


awesome looks, love it

Thanks! :)


Thanks for great work

Thank you :)

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I love these assets, but I have a problem with the green slime, unlike the orange slime, the green one is a AEP file, which my engine cannot run, and I do not have adobe after effects, so I cannot extract it into pngs myself, would it be possible to have the green slime also in the form of multiple png files in a folder like for the orange slime? Thanks!

Hi Saber! Why not try an online converter?


I looked everywhere, couldn't find any, I found one called Total GIS Converter, but it didnt actually work, it just gave me a blank png file when I tried to convert. I searched it and found that the only way to do it is to use Adobe After Effects, which I dont have.

Hi ! Thanks for pointing that out, I updated the enemies file, and it now includes the green slime.

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Thanks! By The Way, I edited the green slime to be less sad cause in my game the green slime is a peaceful npc while the orange slimes are enemies.

That may have been a lot of work to edit all frames!


Maaot, I finished my game using your beautiful assets! Thank you so much for your amazing work! I'm really looking forward to seeing what you post next.

Hey! I checked it yesterday, will probably play it on the weekend, thanks for sharing :)



I also really like this one too! Never thought of doing an exterior invironment


Hiiii, first of all i love this incredible asset. But i have a question. How did you achieve this wonderful background? I thought it would be a simple PNG, but actually not.  What background colour should i take to get this blue gradient? Is it all done thanks to post processing effects? Im sorry im quite new to unity, sorry to take your time.


You can place over your background sprites a giant sprite of a plain colour, in my case was some blue with transparency, this will give the blue tint the sprites have, then I applied depth of field effect to blur them(post-process) on a second camera that will only render the background. But yeah that is pretty much, you can experiment with other post processing effects like vignette, bloom.....

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thank you!!! you are not just creating an asset but also helping people!! You are probably the nicest person on!!!^^

Everyone else on :(

But no, you @Pommerose65 are. That compliment achieves it.


Many Thanks!


Truly amazing work here. Thanks for these assets !!!


My English is not good, so I can't find any words to say……I just wanna to say, OMG! Thank you!

Glad you like it!

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Hello Maaot! I know that we are allowed to use these assets for personal and commercial use, (it litterally says it above) but I am making a game that I am entering in the TSA competition, which has strict rules, which requires the creator of the assets themself to say that I have full permission to use these assets, so could you please reply to this comment stating that again, so that TSA judges dont disqualify my game. Thanks!!!


SaberTooth Studios has full permission to use my art assets on the TSA competition.

Thanks, btw these assets are amazing!

Hello Maaot, it's me again, i finished the game, if you wanna take a look :)

hello maaot, first of all i wanted to say that your works are soooo goood and i really liked those; i am creating a game(demo game/little game) with your asset, i almost finished it, would u like to see it when it will be finish? (of course i will credit u) ;)

and i wanted to know how did u do for the objects on  depth, did u add blur or maybe reduce the alpha of the sprite ?

The blur is achieved with a post-processing stack inside Unity, while the Fog effect (light blue) was just achieved with a big light-colored square sprite with reduced alpha over the tileset.

Your art is super rad! I love your aesthetic. If you're interested in any sort of collaboration (I make music, just starting game-dev), let me know! :-) 

Thank you! That's good to know!

Amazing job!!! I have created a game by using your assets. Thank you for sharing :)

Hey, played your game! Was spooky!

I hope you enjoyed it :) Thanks again for the assets :)

Can you let me know how you did the Bloom, Glows, Blur, Vignette effects if you did them in Unity?

Hi, I just used Post Processing Stack, a official plugin from Unity.

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