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Hi ! This is an asset pack based on a mossy cavern, it is intended to use on 2D sidescrollers and plataformers. 


  1. Tileset ready for AUTOTILING. PNG file. Each tile its 512 x 512 pixels.
  2. Basic Character with animations. IDLE, WALK, JUMP, DASH.
  3. Decorations to enhance the tileset and make your scene organic and unique, including plants, spines, small hills, small trees, roots, and big columns for your background or foreground.
  4. Animations of 13 small plants that will add motion to your scenes.
  5. Two simple enemy slimes with a small blobby animation.

Post processing effects like Bloom, Glows, Blur, Vignette, and Particle effects NOT INCLUDEDsince these depend on what Game Engine you are using.

I created the screenshots inside Unity 2019. These are just a showcase and suggestion for your scenes.


This asset pack can be used in free and commercial projects. You can modify the assets as you need. Credit is not necessary, but always appreciated.  You may not repackage, redistribute or resell the assets, no matter how much they are modified.

Kind regards,



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Click download now to get access to the following files:

Mossy Assets.zip 18 MB
Plant Animations.zip 45 MB
BlueWizard Animations.zip 3 MB
Slimes.zip 2 MB


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I noticed that the assets are in the .aep format, but I don't have any programs that can open them. Is it possible to offer this in .png or .gif for the animations?

Hi Maaot,

May I have a guide on how you made the background look so beautiful in Unity? I am new in the world of Unity and looking to learn how to make beautiful Parallax backgrounds such as yours, great job on this work BTW I love it! 10/10 Stars


I'm completely blown away by your work. Purchased. The resemblance to HK is uncanny, but you still made it your own.

I am trying to learn how best to create similar quality assets for Unity. Can you share insights into your tools & workflow? Any help is appreciated.



Hi ! Hollow Knight its basically one of my favourite games of all time, is for that I tried to study its artstyle, think there is three key elements here, (1) basically add a black outline to everything, and then  (2) add a black gradient on the bottom of each sprite so it can blend both with other sprites, or with a black fill ( which would be your colliders ), and (3) finally try to make everything match with eachother, so use a limited pallete, and dont go too crazy on colours/saturation.

Awesome, this is helpful. Thanks so much for taking the time to reply!


Hey ! What an amazing looking pack ! Really, that's a lot of work ! I'll start making a game, right now x). Thanks a lot !

Thank you :)

YO! Sick! I might use this in a game. :)

I don't know how to use this start. Is there some game made by using this asset on youtube, I want to find some inspiration


Probably check Hollow Knight this asset pack was inspired by it.
You can also use it on a simple plataformer like Mario games.

Awesome Work Sir. I really want to make game using this asset pack, Can i use it commercially in my indie games for free?

Yes you can, glad you enjoy the art!

this is the cleanest tile set ever for free


There is only one slime included (slime orange). Are there supposed to be more?

there is a green slime too at the cover

I Would Be Good If You Make More Enemies

tem como disponibilizar tambem o background?


Thank you for sharing 

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Hello, can you try making a forest environment?


Please keep these coming they are amazing

I love your great work. I also use UNITY, but I don't know how to achieve the depth of field effect on the background layer


Hi, as said on the asset page, the post processing effects are not included, you can search for youtube tutorials about that, there is a lot of these around. Still the blur effect its not the easiest to do, so it may take a while for you to set it up.

Check the channel outerstudios on YouTube, in his video of 2d level  follow the particle system part, then reduce the alpha of that particle system, change the color and put it in front of the background elements, and you get it!


Hi I am working on a new platform game and I like your assets a lot. Is there a way that I can contact you for more assets like these? 

Hi, you can contact me on Discord Maaot#9411, thanks!

What time will be the best time to contact you my time zone is GMT +2  


Amazing :o

Hello Maaot,

Do you have a place where you sell assets like these?
I really love them and I would love to buy some!

Not really, these are just the only assets I have uploaded, still I plan on release some paid assets in the near future, so stay tuned.

Just thinking some ideas of cool environments to do :)


Hey, can i use this in a game jam?? 

Of course!

Can i use this in a project of mine ?


Hey, just saw this pack and thought it was totally dope! Looks like it's straight out of Hollow Knight almost! Anyways, I hope all is well, thank you for the awesome art :)

Glad you enjoy it!

Hello, thank you very much for sharing this excellent pack. I look forward to new updates.

Hi! I rarely do updates, consider this asset pack finished, if I upload something it would be a completelly different environment/location.

hello, im a programmer, do you want to make a game?

Hi, no thanks, currently working on several large projects.


Sir, your all your assets are fantastic !

Thank you :)



Glad you enjoy!