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Hi! This is my third asset pack based on a fungal grotto/cavern, it is intended to use on 2D sidescrollers and platformers and will match my other two free asset packs.


  1. Tileset ready for AUTOTILING. PNG file. Each tile is 512 x 512 pixels.
    49 Tiles in total.
  2. A varied range of mushrooms and weird plants to decorate your scene with a unique organic look.
    ( 11 different fungus/plants, + a large number of variations of the same)
  3. A large compilation of rocky hills, fungal hills, rocks, stalagmites, and other large decorations to enhance your level background and foreground.
    ( 25 + sprites )
  4. There are NO CHARACTERS, and NO ANIMATIONS included in this package since I am not an animator.
  5. The contents of this asset pack totally match with my free ones, since it's the SAME ART-STYLE, if you worked with my free ones will have no trouble working with this pack.
  6. Since this is downloadable content, there are NO REFUNDS, so keep that in mind.

Post-processing effects like Bloom, Glows, Blur, Vignette, and Particle effects NOT INCLUDEDsince these depend on what Game Engine you are using.

I created the screenshots inside Unity 2019. These are just a showcase and suggestion for your scenes.


This asset pack can be used in free and commercial projects. You can modify the assets as you need. Credit is not necessary but always appreciated.  You may not repackage, redistribute or resell the assets, no matter how much they are modified.

Kind regards,


-Fixed smaller graphical errors on tile48.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:

FungalSpritesTileset.zip 19 MB


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Wow! You create very beautiful environments. It is quite inspiring :)

I'm from China. It's amazing to see such amazing art. Hope to see more excellent resources of the author!! thank you

Great work! Thanks for this. We used this assets for a Game Jam recently if you want to check it out:

Looks good! Hopefully you will create more packs in the same line of style because I will definitly get them

Looks amazing,  keep up the great art!

Thank you :)

please continue the great work

It very much reminds me of hollow knight animation

it would be cool if you could create a sprite pack or two with this kind of animation style sometime in the future

I will Use Your Assets In My Steam Game And I will Credit You


That looks so great, you mixed all my assets together and created your own, awesome!

I always love your work and waited for a long time . but I think it worth it

Thank you so much!

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Can't wait for you to see the game I make with your assets! Thank you so much! Keep up the good work, I love your style.

Thank you so much! Would love to see your game 



Glad you enjoy!


These are great! Keep up the good work and I'll be buying assets from you in no time!

Thank you so much! I am planning to release another in the next month, not sure yet about the thematic...

You should do a swamp or forest-like theme



I'm really enjoying seeing your art assets. I'm inspired to learn more. Excellent work.

Glad you like it !

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Thank you so much :)

Any news or update on the new asset pack?


Hi ! Currently developing an "Ancient Ruins" pack, expect to release it in early July.

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Updated it, although I barely use twitter, just posted it in case someone want to send a dm or something

Awesome! Just a minor detail: tile 48 has a blank/white line running through it, which may cause some tearing ingame. Other than that, this is perfect! Thanks!

Hi ! Going to check that out and upload a fix assap, thanks for pointing out!

Should be fixed now I think

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Awesome! That was quick. Thanks!