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Hi !

This is a small package of assets based on a dark cave, it is intended to use on 2D sidescrollers. Did it just to practice this kind of art.

Note: The minimum resolution for these are 1024px, but a few are even bigger, and can reach 2048 px.

The ZIP file contains:
+ All kinds of rocks for you to decorate your scene, in a similar way to the screenshots shown here. Glow effects not included.
+ Platforms.
+ Compositions of walls, floor, and decorations.
+ Bigger elements to place on the background, so you can create parallax effects.
+ Fully animated PNG sequences of plants and vegetations.

It is intended to use on Unity, but should work on all kinds of Game Engines.

Kind regards,



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CaveAssetsMaaot.zip 4 MB
PlantsAnimated.zip 17 MB


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thank you so much man!!! love it!

puedo usarlo en mi juego

Claro, sin problema

Does this contain tileset?

Bro this is really awesome¡¡¡ 

EPIC bro, but, is Hollow Knight

awesome brooo so good


this is incredible! by any chance do you plan to make one based on a bee hive?


Holy crap this is nice! Giving me serious Hollow Knight vibes!

Nice assets



wow am speechless, man you are a lifesaver thank you for the asset, very much appreciated

look man you are a King

Thank you!


Super sprites your work is very good! I recommend it!

Love the feel of this set, very cool!

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Hello, I am entered in a Game jam and I would like to commission you to make me a simple asset pack and character. The deadline is in 7 days but honestly I think if this idea gets art up to your standards it could be a commercial game so even if you can't make it within the deadline, I would still want to commission you to make it. The asset pack could be simple and then you could grow and develop it then publish as a future asset pack up to your standards. If you're interested please contact me at r4lifeyt@gmail.com. 


Hi Can I use these for a commercial game

This is a very high quality graphics asset, it's looking very beautiful, it gives a feel of a real dungeon.

Great work!!!!

please make more assets, you do really make beautiful graphics....

Can I use this beautiful assets for commercial games?

You made such great graphics man, where did you made this, this is amazing, and beautiful. I loved this

Yeah sure, you can use it on your commercial game, it was done in clip studio paint and photoshop.

Oh, ok thanks for telling me, you make really beautiful graphics....

Hi thanks for this great asset, I was wondering about how did you make the background and the sprites in the background look foggy, do I need to use any kind of blur shader for that?

Hi! you can place a giant plain colour sprite with low opacity over your background elements. for example, I used a giant rectangle with a transparent brown over my background to give the foggy appearance.

Hello, thanks for your amazing work. I don't really understand the size of the tiles. I tried to slice in 512 and others but it dont match. Can you help me ?

Kind regards,

Hi, there is no tiles in this asset pack, are you sure you are replying on the correct page?

I was talking about the cave assets. So, this is decorations but there is no tiles ?

Thanks for reply and sorry for my english.

There are no tiles on this pack.
The rest of the decorations just slice automatically.

Thanks, nice work anyway!

Amazing!!! <

: )


With this asset, I started to make the "Dark Cave" location. There is a simple lighting here that I made with the help of the surface.

The glowing ball smoothly follows the mouse.

Does it work fine with 2d lights?

Everything works well. I made the lighting with the help of surfaces))

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Wow this looks awesome! i donated only $3 but thanks for making this resource

Thank you !

I was wondering if you were planing on making any sprites in the future in this style? btw your art is incredible!

Hey thanks you, future sprites are uncertain, since I barely have any free time due to my job.

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Ok thx for letting me know! :)

Awesome Work Sir. I really want to make game using this asset pack, Can i use it commercially in my indie games for free?

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how to get in contact with you? I also make hd assets was wondering if we can chat and share some tips. You can find my discord on my itch page. Please don't hesitate to contact me. Thanks! Good work. Btw i suggest linking you social media to connect with other people.


I Would Be Good If You Make More Enemies


No thanks, smile :)

tem como disponibilizar tambem o background

This is an amazing work!!!! I have just one question

What kind of license do I have downloading this??



This asset pack can be used in free and commercial projects. You can modify the assets as you need. Credit is not necessary, but always appreciated.  You may not repackage, redistribute or resell the assets, no matter how much they are modified.


This asset pack can be used in free and commercial projects. You can modify the assets as you need. Credit is not necessary, but always appreciated.  You may not repackage, redistribute or resell the assets, no matter how much they are modified.

meaning: you can use these art assets in free projects (projects that you dont make money from) and also commercial projects (projects you make money from), you do not need to give criedit to maaot, but it's really nice to do so, however its not needed, you may not sell/give these assets to others no matter how much you change them (giving people a file of your game that contains these art assets to be used by the code does not count as reselling them, for example, in my game's exe file the images are compiled as 1s and 0s inside the code of the exe because thats how games work, images show on screen and the code needs to know what the image looks like, this does not count as reselling, however, if I open a new itch.io page and let them download these assets in a zip, that counts as reselling and is not allowed.)

Sir it is a humble request to you that, could you please add some animations for destroying the plants .

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What an amazing style of art. I really like this asset. You drawing style is really similar to hollow knight. I am waiting for more updates. Btw are you an unity asset creator, i mean have you ever launched an asset in the unity asset store ?

Hope you are doing well!

Hi ! Thank for your kinds comments, not sure when I will release another pack, since my job its taking all my time currently.

Regarding me being a seller on Unity, not really.

Oh, I just checked you on deviant art (I don't  know whether it is you or not, but there was someone called maaot) and your drawings are really awesome. I loved the drawing named legend.

Hey thanks :) Yeh, thats me, althought I stopped using DeviantArt like years ago, uploaded a new asset pack by the way, free of course.


this is so cool to be free

Great work!

May I know the licence? Thanks




this is amazing work. Do you have any way I could contact you about custom work?

Hi ! Thank you ! You can send me an email here maaot@hotmail.es

I'm gonna email you but, do you have discord? It may be quicker

Yep ! My discord username is Maaot#9411, way quicker for sure.


sent you a friend request! Looking forward to talking


I sent you another DM if you don't mind checking Discord!

Sent you a message :)

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This looks great, thanks Maaot. Do you plan to work more in this art style?

Yep ! I actually have planned to create a few more of these, still not sure about what kind of biome I want to do, any suggestions ?

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I could name several, but are you trying to center it around a specific theme? Also, are you primarily an artist or do you delve in other areas of game development? I ask because this has a hollow knight vibe when I see it, and it's tempting to work with you to bring something similar to life.

I work as an artist mainly for Game development, creating scenery and other kinds of concept art, but also do all kind of illustration jobs, also have some experience on unity2D and as well on animation, regarding the hollow knight style, I am a big fan of the game, so decided to learn their art style while adding my own flavour of course, as shown on this small asset. (but I hope it does not feel like a cheap copy.)

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Ahh I see, cool. I like the lighting, I think it would be good to hit 1) a colder, damper, darker transtional area, 2) a swampish/water transitional area, and lastly a 3) sun shining through type of area. Could be in any order, and depending on the vibe could be based on the dark cold feel to being freed to the outside world: 1) -> 2) -> this theme -> 3). Just an idea. 


This is amazing! I am a web dev and always loved games, so I decided to start unity as a hobby, after I loved Hollow Knight, if 3 guys (very talented of course) could create that masterpiece, why couldn't I? I like the atmosphere of this assets in particular, if you are also planning on doing more I'd keep a close look to assets and animations, and if I get really serious with this, I'd definitely pay / donate. You did a great job.

under water tile sets (: